Ulpine Belt
Sierra Leone
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Ulpine Belt $45.00
Bureh | Sierra Leone

About This Product


This handcrafted belt features fabric that is a specialty of local textiler Sarah Kamara of Kabala, Sierra Leone. There, Sarah hand weaves the her cloth that is traditionally reserved for the Chiefs and Community Elders — and Bureh. Each purchase supports this fantastic culture, in one of Africa's most vibrant communities. The buckles are sustainably handmade from recycled metals that are recast into beautiful, sturdy fixtures that are made to last. A Bureh belt is good for both your wardrobe, and your soul.


Product Facts:

  • All fabrics is made using traditional, local Sierra Leone fabrics and prints
  • Construction is completed by local tailors and artisans
  • Belts are stored in facilities in the U.S. for easy shipping
  • Ships in 3-5 days, straight from Bureh 


About The Manufacturer


Bureh was founded by Fatoma, a local from Sierra Leone, and two Americans, who had relocated for were and were badly in need of a belt. We never set out to start a fashion company. When regular people started asking for the belts we had made for fun, we realized the tremendous opportunity to make a difference and share the beauty of Sierra Leone. We created a company that is designed to make a difference, at each step of the process. With each belt, you support entrepreneurship and employment in Sierra Leone. Bureh is not a charity and we don’t give money away. We are for-profit, for social responsibility and for Sierra Leone. We provide sustainable jobs, source materials ethically and locally, and reinvest profits into start-ups that themselves can create more jobs and growth in the private sector.





About The Culture


"Since peace was declared in 2002, Sierra Leone has blossomed. Life has largely returned to normal and today it is one of West Africa’s safest countries. Reconstruction continues apace, investors are arriving in droves and travellers are trickling in. Have the surf outside the capital and pretty much have the beach to yourself, or travel to the provinces, where the vibrant culture and wonderful parks produce rewards aplenty." — Lonely Planet 






When You Buy This Product


Shopping local is more than a trend — it is the future of a sustainable economy. Studies show that when you purchase products from small local businesses, 68% of the profits go back into that business' local economy, creating more jobs, opportunity and growth. However, when you purchase items from a larger company, only 43% of the profits go back into the community — the rest is wasted on the bloat accrued by such a large entity and, ultimately, into the pockets of shareholders. Where would you rather put your dollars?  


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