Sweet & Spicy Country Jams
White Pond Farm
New England
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Sweet & Spicy Country Jams $24.00
White Pond Farm | New England

About This Product


Punch! These jams, made from the bounty of Massachusetts' White Pond Farm, will have your entire home bursting with the smells of great flavor. The jalapeño jam, as spicy as it is sweet, adds an unexpected touch to burgers and hearty sandwiches that can stand up to its spicy sweet heft. The sweet pepper jam, more mild but still packin', will add a lotta something special to and meat and cheese plate. And with its bright lemon twist, the lemon blueberry takes a traditional flavor and makes it heaven. All three are sure to keep your taste buds on their toes!     

Product Facts:

  • Three 8oz. jars: Jalapeño, Sweet Pepper and Lemon Blueberry 
  • Made with all organic, fresh picked ingredients
  • Ships in 3-5 days, direct from White Pond Farm


About The Manufacturer


Situated on idyllic White Pond, not too far from that other storied pond made famous by the late great Thoreau, we're an organic micro farm, proud of our New England roots and Massachusetts charm. Our soil has been prepared with aged organic material, with no chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides used. Our natural sprays used to control insects and fungus have been derived from purely organic materials. Because of all this, our produce comes out of the soil full of natural ingredients and delicious, unaltered flavor.





About The Community


"New England is history. It’s the Pilgrims who came ashore at Plymouth Rock and the minutemen who fought for American independence. But it’s also contemporary. It’s the farmers and fishermen struggling for survival; students and immigrants, always adapting. New England oozes individuality and diversity; it’s colorful and controversial, free-thinking and forward-looking." — Lonely Planet






When You Buy This Product


Shopping local is more than a trend — it is the future of a sustainable economy. Studies show that when you purchase products from small local businesses, 68% of the profits go back into that business' local economy, creating more jobs, opportunity and growth. However, when you purchase items from a larger company, only 43% of the profits go back into the community — the rest is wasted on the bloat accrued by such a large entity and, ultimately, into the pockets of shareholders. Where would you rather put your dollars?  



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