Pendelton Pocket Tee
Lift Label
Portland, OR
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Pendelton Pocket Tee $32.00
Lift Label | Portland, OR

About This Product


A classic of Oregon's outdoor culture is married with one of its newest, edgiest brands. LiFT LABEL is on the up and up in the Pacific Northwest, capturing the hearts and wallets of its rugged chic denizens. This t-shirt, with its silky smooth, lightweight fabric, gets a solid pop via a Native American print pocket made of the same Pendleton textiles that the legendary Oregon company has been weaving for well over 100 years.    

Product Facts:

  • Comes in various colors
  • Each pocket is unique; pattern may very slightly 
  • Gloriously soft to the touch
  • Ships in 3-5 days, straight from LiFT LABEL


    About The Manufacturer


    LiFT LABEL inspires adventure, positive living, and global consciousness through creative vision. Our totemic designs blend diverse cultures to promote a unified lifestyle rooted in uplifted local endeavors. We recognize the tenuous balance between life’s opposing forces, and strive to live with love in all situations. Our motto: Stay Lifted!




    About The Community


    "Call it what you want – PDX, P-town, Stumptown, City of Roses, Bridge City or Beervana – Portland positively rocks. It’s a city with a vibrant downtown, pretty residential neighborhoods, ultragreen ambitions and zany characters. Here liberal idealists outnumber conservative stogies, Gortex jackets are acceptable in fine restaurants and everyone supports countless brewpubs, coffeehouses, knitting circles, lesbian potlucks and book clubs. Portland is an up-and-coming destination that has finally found itself, and an appealing, can’t-miss stop on your adventures in the Pacific Northwest." - Lonely Planet  






    When You Buy This Product


    Shopping local is more than a trend — it is the future of a sustainable economy. Studies show that when you purchase products from small local businesses, 68% of the profits go back into that business' local economy, creating more jobs, opportunity and growth. However, when you purchase items from a larger company, only 43% of the profits go back into the community — the rest is wasted on the bloat accrued by such a large entity and, ultimately, into the pockets of shareholders. Where would you rather put your dollars?  


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