NYC Mayo Collection
Empire Mayo
Brooklyn, NY
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NYC Mayo Collection $19.00
Empire Mayo | Brooklyn, NY

About This Product


Across the East River from Brooklyn-based Empire Mayo is the crazy island of Manhattan, in all its eccentric glory — and the NYC Mayo Collection captures that exact spirit. Smoky-sweet and with beautiful natural neon orange, the Smoked Paprika Mayo is begging to have some fries dipped into it. The Lime Pickle is a cultural melting pot, with a bracing mix of Indian spices and zesty limes, all folded into a velvety emulsion. The Black Garlic Mayo, with whole bulbs of garlic fermented at high temperature resulting in glossy, black cloves, is sweet with hints of balsamic vinegar and tamarind. Together, they are as ecclectic as NYC itself.

Product Facts:

  • Set of three 4oz. jars 
  • Made exclusivey with non-GMO oils
  • Cage free, pasture raised eggs
  • Each jar made by hand
  • Ships in 3-5 business days, straight from Empire Mayo


    About The Manufacturer


    Founded in 2011 by chef Sam Mason and designer Elizabeth Valleau, Empire Mayonnaise creates mayonnaise with exotic flavors and formulations. We use non-GMO oils and local, pasture-raised eggs always, and local/seasonal flavors. We have a store/kitchen at 564 Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn, NY and we exhibit at various locations in the five boroughs as well as selling online. Our primary business is wholesale, so if you have a store and are interested in carrying Empire Mayonnaise, please email   




    About The Culture


    "To the extent “Brooklyn” now designates more than a mere landmass, it means: small-batch production, urban husbandry, period facial hair, a fixed-gear bicycle, and “Girls.” And now, of course, you can’t travel to the bottom of the South China Sea without first passing through “the Brooklyn of the Malacca Strait,” or some equivalent." — The New York Times 






    When You Buy This Product


    Shopping local is more than a trend — it is the future of a sustainable economy. Studies show that when you purchase products from small local businesses, 68% of the profits go back into that business' local economy, creating more jobs, opportunity and growth. However, when you purchase items from a larger company, only 43% of the profits go back into the community — the rest is wasted on the bloat accrued by such a large entity and, ultimately, into the pockets of shareholders. Where would you rather put your dollars?  


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