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Support local small businesses anywhere in the world.


BROOKLYN, NY – NOVEMBER 5, 2013Wander & Trade, an online marketplace for local goods from around the world, announces its official launch today. The e-commerce startup aggregates inventory from small businesses across the globe, offering shoppers the ability to discover local products from any destination, and small businesses the ability to expand their distribution and audience. Curated vendors for the platform’s debut are based in markets including Brooklyn, Portland, San Francisco, New England and London, with products from Africa and South America soon to follow.


Put simply: Wander & Trade gives consumers a new way to shop locally and small businesses a new way to sell globally.


“Now you can discover small businesses from the streets of your favorite destinations without physically traveling to them,” says Brandon Burns, Founder and Creative Director of Wander & Trade. “And with our focus on a well-designed, premium user experience, we’re attracting vendors that previously wouldn’t even consider selling via an online marketplace.”


The new, beautifully designed marketplace gives shoppers a thoughtfully curated selection of products from around the globe. Whether an industrial lamp from Brooklyn or a traditional fabric belt from Sierra Leone, each find feels like an exciting discovery made while traveling your favorite locations and cultures. Wander & Trade also keeps the best interest of its vendors in mind, seamlessly integrating with vendors’ inventory and fulfillment management systems, while maximizing their profit potential by using its overhead-light marketplace model to offer a higher share of profits to vendors than the traditional wholesale-retail model.


“As a small business, we spend every waking moment finding ways to provide the best experience for our customers. We're happy to have found Wander & Trade, which goes to the same lengths to make local products look great,” says Brad Dickason, co-founder alongside wife Clarissa Malek of Lavender & Oak, a vendor highlighted in the Wander & Trade debut. “Brandon shares our passion for bringing great local businesses to the rest of the world. We're so excited to see our products featured in such a beautiful environment.”


About Wander & Trade

Wander & Trade is the first online marketplace to connect local, small business shoppers and vendors around the world. The company, with a focus on exceptional user experience design for both shoppers and vendors, was founded by Brandon Burns, a 10-year veteran and Creative Director at top global branding agencies including R/GA and BBDO. Wander & Trade is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. For more information, please visit www.wanderandtrade.com